Year 1 had their first ever forest school experience yesterday in the cold January breezes.  It was a misty day and everyone was wrapped up toasty to enjoy our exciting day out!


We started our day by learning all about the rules of forest school and how to keep ourselves and each other really safe outdoors.  Our school leader, Katie, told us about some of the fantastic things we can look forward to this half term – like building fires and finding bugs!


We played a game of 123 where are you?  Then, we all went off to explore for the first time.  We found a worm and a beetle and lots of the trees had blown over during the holidays, so there were branches to climb over and carry around.  We even saw a huge tree with it’s long roots sticking out of the ground – it was amazing!


Some of the children found our forest school mud slide and wasted no time in getting super messy.  There were lots of muddy bottoms getting back on the bus and lots of muddy, mucky hands.  It was worth it, because we had the best time and we can’t wait to do it all again next week…


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