In RE this half term, Class 6 have been studying Christianity and looking at Christian role models and why people might devote their lives to God or to trying to be a good person and help others.  We have centred particularly on the meaning of vocation and how this differs in a religious context.

The children have studied stories of  different prophets and have identified ways in which we might learn from them in our everyday lives.

This week, the children worked on a project to make their own charity groups.  They each formed an idea, a name for their charity, a target audience, a mission statement and a presentation, where they pitched their ideas to the rest of the class.  Following this, there was a question and answer session where the children had to answer questions from the ‘press’ about how they would solve problems that occurred and how they might be able to help other issues.

The children did amazingly well at their project and were able to put themselves in a position of selflessness, as well as having to work as a team in order to reach decisions.  At the end of the session, the children took a vote on which local charity they would like to raise money for .  The choices were Pendle Dogs in Need, Pendleside Hospice or Home Start.  The majority vote was for Pendle Dogs in Need.


The children each started work on a charity money box to take home with them.  we are hoping that by next Thursday, each child will have filled their little box with loose change to donate to their chosen charity.

This project has been hugely enjoyed by Class 6 and it has been a very rewarding half term in RE.



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