Thursday was World Book Day and saw children and staff dressed as a whole range of words. We had some straight forward vocabulary such as love, spotty, smart, party, pet dog, colourful to some slightly more complex such as puzzled, ecstatic, inflated, foliage, fragile, canine, silvery, evacuee, memories to some humdingers like ambilvalent, onomatopoeia, sorcerer, contagious, surreptitious! We even had some children dressed as “dictionary” the book of all words!! We had a great day with lots of different reading and vocabulary focused activities. KS2 classes went to read with KS1 and EYFS classes; Y6 even prepared some work for them to do along with it. Thank you to all the parents, children and staff for their VERY creative and some clever costumes.

Enjoy the photos and see if you can work out the words!




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