On Thursday 24 children took to the road to celebrate being All Green in their Reach for the Stars files. This demonstrates a great attitude to everything about school. First we visited Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour and spent an hour in the play barn swinging from ropes, climbing, jumping, being buried in hay and generally having a great time. A lovely cooling ice cream for everyone ranging from bubble gum flavour to chocolate with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles! Nine of the children, who’d got all green for the summer term, then returned to school whilst the 15 with all green all year travelled on to Skipton.

We then climbed aboard two canal barges and set off down the Leeds Liverpool canal, eating our lunch along the way. We went under bridges, past old buildings and saw some swans with their signets; we kept our hands and heads well away from the edge when they came near! A flying bird decided to add to our trip by depositing a dropping on one of the children’s head; all good luck I assured them.

We finished with a sit in the sunshine and a cooling drink of coke.

Once again the children were complimented on how fantastic their behaviour was and should be very proud of themselves.

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