Last Tuesday our amazing school choir performed at Colne Municipal Hall in front of hundreds of excited children and adults.  The children have worked exceptionally hard throughout the school year preparing for this event and their efforts were certainly worth it.  The first song, ‘Universal Child’ by Annie Lennox had solos included from Declan, Connor, Zach, Haleema, Scarlett, Sapphira and Tyurkyan.  The second song, ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day had 3 lead vocalists; Maddison, Kainaat and Scarlett who sang at the front of the stage, supported by the ensemble, who showed off their beautifully executed choreography.  The third song was ‘This is Me’ from the recent hit musical ‘The Greatest Showman’.  Our soloist was Rose, who sang the stunning opening piece to the song and added lots of passion and character to the performance.  Various children read excerpts from their recent work ‘I have a dream’ where they spoke about equality and acceptance and being proud to be ourselves in every form.  The pianist for the evening was our super talented music teacher, Mrs Heather Lamb, who has worked tirelessly on the musical arrangements for each piece and rehearsed for hours and hours at a time with the children.  They were conducted by Ms Tristesse James, who has been practicing with the children in the choir at every available opportunity in the run up to the show.  Together, we proved that teamwork really does make a dream work when the children’s voices soared across the auditorium and made the atmosphere electric. The audience went absolutely crazy and showed their appreciation with a rapturous round of applause. The performance was very emotional and many of the parents and other staff at the Municipal Hall commented on how they had been affected by the sincerity and beauty of the children’s singing; Their voices were absolutely stunning!   At the end of the evening, Park high School choir invited our children onto stage to sing with them, which was very, very special indeed.   Since the performance, Mrs Burtoft and Ms James have had many lovely comments about the choir; one person even referred to them as ‘truly inspirational’. Mrs Burtoft, Mrs Lamb and Ms James are exceptionally proud of the choir for their stellar performance and all the incredibly hard work required ahead of the night.  Well done!

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