This morning, Year 6 had some very special visitors with scales, fluff and spines!  In Science, we have been learning about how animals evolve and adapt to their environments.  To help us with our research, Amber’s dad brought some very interesting animals into our classroom to teach us a thing or two.


Our first visitor was a beautiful corn snake named Lava, after the colour of his scales.  The children had chance to stroke Lava’s smooth, cool skin and Lava was more than happy to stick out his forked tongue for us – Mrs Jenkinson was not so impressed!  Lava is about a metre long and he was curling his body into lots of different shapes this morning: he even wrapped himself around Ms James’ hand and didn’t want to let go!


Next up, we met Biscuit the Netherland Dwarf rabbit.  Biscuit was rescued and re-homed by Amber’s family and is only able to be handled by certain people as he sometimes becomes afraid.  The children got to stroke Biscuit’s fur and described how soft and fluffy he was.  Biscuit is even allowed to sit on the sofa at home!


Last but not least, we met Norman the pygmy hedgehog.  He was absolutely beautiful and brought his very own tub of worms with him to snack on.  The children were shown how to carefully stroke Norman, to avoid hurting him or pricking themselves on his spines.  Norman was very friendly and super cute!  Ms James was thrilled to be able to give Norman a cuddle.  Amber’s dad told us all about how to care for hedgehogs and how they are different to hedgehogs in the wild in England – Norman is an African breed of hedgehog!


We were very lucky to meet such beautiful creatures this morning and everybody had a wonderful time learning all about them.


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