Reception class during Art and Culture week have been learning about the country Spain. We have learnt some Spanish words – Hola (Hello) and Adios (Goodbye). We decorated the classroom with Spanish colours – red and yellow and coloured in our Spanish flags. We looked at how we could get to Spain as we discovered from the map there was water between our countries – so we turned our classroom into an airport and took a virtual flight to Spain using our Passports.

We looked at the local Spanish cuisines and used the tools safely to cut up the ingredients and worked together to make some of these dishes and taste tested them – Spanish omelette and Paella, the children really enjoyed them.

The children did some stained glass windows from a famous landmark in Spain called the Sagrada Familia, we also used the lego to made this building and made the steeples. We made fans as we saw pictures and discovered it was a hot country. . We dressed up in some Spanish outfits, made castanets and did some Flamenco dancing. We have had lots of fun learning about another culture.

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