Today, year 5 have visited Bolton Abbey on an amazing trip! After arriving in Barden, we walked down the side of the River Wharfe, looking at the abundance of wildlife around us. Some of the children had never been to Bolton Abbey before and it was a delight to see their reactions to the beautiful scenery.

Whilst walking down the footpath, the children found out about the various features of the river. We learnt that the shallower the river, the faster it flows and the narrower the river, the faster it flows. This was easy to see when we got further down the river to see where the width of the river, at The Strid, reduced from around 13m to less than 2m, causing very fast flowing, dangerous white water!

Once we had quickly eaten our lunch, it was back onto the footpath and back to finding wildlife on the walk. We found out that a number of herbs can be found in the countryside around us. We found wild garlic, wild sorrel and hunted for wild fennel to no avail. Although some of these herbs are commonly found in the British countryside, you should never pick or eat any plants unless advised to do so by a responsible adult, who knows what the plants are!

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