Bye Bye Caterpillars Welcome Butterflies

Where are my Caterpillars? There seems to only be 2 butterflies 😉. Just joking they have been through a wierd liquid evolving metamorphosis! We have now let the butterflies free but mine didn’t want to go away according to the pictures below 😊. Unfortunately only 2 butterflies survived to the end which is sad but that is how nature works sometimes. It took a long time for the butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis but one managed to emerge from there even faster than me on Times Table Rock Stars! I’m glad I was able to raise caterpillars from babies to chrysalis and butterflies. It’s also nice having quite an adventure with you guys updating you. I also have a fun fact to say before I go:
Did you know that another name for a butterflies tongue is a proboscis! They start with their tongues split in 2, that then form a tube to sip nectar!
For now guys I think I will say goodbye! So remember Stay safe, Stay well and save lives 😊 bye!

From Layton

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