Today, year 5 have been on a brilliant trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

The children began by finding out how steam engines work by having a demonstration of a tank engine. We discovered that engineers may be very clever, but they’re not every imaginative when it comes to naming the parts of the machine they have created! The box containing the fire is…. the fire box. The dome containing steam is…. the steam dome!!

We continued to explore the science museum before heading to the experiments area where children had the chance to find out about a host of different scientific concepts. From recycling to the skeleton and from gears to reflection.

Then came the most exciting part… EXPLOSIONS!!!

The children we tasked with finding out what could have caused an explosion at a local mill. We tested a variety of materials that were present at the time of the explosion to find out if they could have been the culprit. We tested steam, metal salts, cotton and finally the gasses produced by a cow! Each material produced a different sort of explosion, some created heat, some created colourful flames, some produced a bang but only the hydrogen from a cow, produced all of these. Not only did it create a huge explosion, but the shockwave made our clothes vibrate against us and me nearly drop the camera!

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