A visit to Clitheroe Castle meant that the Key Stage 1 children could explore this medieval fortress, create their own motte an bailey castle in a sandpit and design their very own suit of armour for Ed the Egg. They then tested the armour by throwing their Ed from the battlements! After lunch, the children were able to explore the museum, where they saw a Victorian kitchen (they were fascinated, as they had learned about the Victorians only a few months ago!) They also made brass rubbings and were in awe of the stuffed creatures which included birds of prey and an otter.

All the best days out include a play on the park, and our trip was no exception. Many of the children mentioned that this was the best part of the trip! Others included visiting the dungeons as a highlight of the day and learning even more about invaders and settlers and why castles were built.

Many children in Class 5 loved the fact that they had created their own pieces of art, depicting Clitheroe Castle using pointillism, and then they saw the actual view they had copied, in real life!


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