A Harvest of Kindness

A Harvest of Kindness

Events Today, children and their families donated lots and lots of food to school to recognise Harvest and help families in need.  The children kindly brought in tins, packets, jars and tubs of different foods to donate to our local food bank.  The children in year 6 then...
by Oct 15, 2021
‘It’s Game On’

‘It’s Game On’

EYFS - Nursery It was all Sports at West Street today as every class spent all day taking part in lots of exciting and fun activities, as we celebrated Sports Relief 2020! From exercise boot camps including weight lifting, boxing, star jumps and squats, to running a mile around the...
by Mar 13, 2020

I have a dream!

Classwork In class 9 we have been learning about human rights. We have been finding out about the ways people have been treated differently and unfairly through history. We have been learning how laws have changed over the past century to hopefully enable people to be treated...
by Oct 28, 2019
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