Good afternoon everyone, how are you? I thought you’d like to see my caterpillars now they have grown, I’ve seen them dancing a lot lately so I researched them and found out that they dance to put off predators!

They keep fighting with each other mum says they must be brothers. They are a lot bigger than when you last saw them. I think maybe they are nearly ready to enter the chrysalis stage! Here are some interesting facts you might not know about caterpillars…..

1. They don’t have any lungs!

2. Some caterpillars are cannibals!

3. They have 6 pairs of eyes called ocelli.

4. They make silk like spiders.

5. They have 6 main legs but some caterpillars have extra legs known as false legs.

I hope you enjoy my update.

Stay safe, I miss you all from

Layton Watts

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