On Wednesday, Class 6 set off to Bolton Abbey on their April Wildways adventure day.  The children took hats and gloves and waterproof clothes, expecting bad weather after their recent rainy day in Embsay.  The children were led by Mr Burtoft, who told them lots of fascinating facts about the local area.  Mr Burtoft explained how rivers can meander through valleys and sometimes split in the middle if there is an island.  He told the children that the narrower the river is, the faster the water flows and that the water is coloured brown because of the high iodine content due to peat from the ground.  Under the water is sand, which is made from rocks which have been ground down over hundreds of years and eventually will compact and form new rocks again.


The children had a lovely outdoor picnic lunch, prepared at home or by our school chef, Marie.  There were several members of the local wildlife having a look at our sandwiches, but Mr Higgins told us that sheep don’t like picnics – phew!  Luckily the weather held out and despite a few showers it was a fantastic day overall with lots of new experiences for Class 6 to enjoy!


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