Yesterday, Class 7 paid a visit to the local Cenotaph in Colne, as part of our research about World War One.  We made the journey on foot in the crisp autumn breeze and were greeted by lots of poppy wreaths that had been laid by local people in the community.  The children read some of the messages on the wreaths and found that several of them had been written by local councillors in memory of fallen soldiers.  The children took notes on their clipboards about their findings, which included the names of lots of soldiers who had been killed in The Great War.  They discussed the reasons why there might be so many people with the same surnames and how they might be related.


Following the trip, the children used their information to look up newspaper articles about some of the soldiers and discover more information about them.  This information will be used in our history lessons to enhance our learning about World War One and those who fought for our country.

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