On Tuesday, Class 9 visited Blackhills Scout Camp for a day of adventure and fun, taking part in a variety of challenging activities.

When we arrived, we practised marching in straight lines as soldiers would have done in World War 1. This tested our ability to listen and follow instructions and wasn’t as easy as it looked!

The class were then split into three groups to take part in the challenges. The first challenge was Crate Stack. This involved the children working as a team to build the highest tower possible out of milk crates, while one team member balanced on the top. The rest of the group had to work out how to pass the crates up and hold the ropes to help stop the person at the top falling off. It was very difficult to balance as the crates got higher and higher, but everyone took part and Dylan and his team managed to build the tallest tower.

The next challenge involved everyone getting very, very dirty! Children had to crawl under ropes, through the mud, without touching the ropes. This might sound easy, but it wasn’t because the children were blindfolded and following the instructions of their team mates! There was a wide variety of styles of crawling but everyone got through, covered in the contents of the forest floor! After this, we completed an activity called Nightlines, which involved everyone making their way through the woods blindfolded, whilst holding a rope to guide the way through the trees and other obstacles in the way.

Lunch was a picnic in the great outdoors, although we didn’t hang around as lots of wasps decided to join us!

The final activity was archery where everyone took turns to shoot an arrow onto a target. Lots of people hit the bullseye and Mr Burtoft is very confident that we will have an excellent team for the Archery Competition later in the year.

We arrived back dirty and tired but everyone agreed that it had been an amazing day. All of the staff enjoyed the day too and were very impressed with the way the children worked together to support and encourage each other, and with the way people challenged themselves to overcome their fears!

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