The day began with a tour of the fastest passenger aeroplane in the world, the concord! They absolutely loved it and were amazed at the size being stood right next to it. We then spent some time outside beside the runway where planes were taking off and landing every two minutes. The children then had an inside tour of two different planes. The second plane we went inside was a disused passenger plane where we learnt all about the different job roles at the airport and the children got to dress up. However the clear highlight of the day for the children (and the staff) was definitely having the chance to visit the cockpit! They all got a chance to sit in the pilot’s seat and no button was out of bounds! The children couldn’t believe how many different controls there were and loved getting into character. They listened well and were a credit to our school. This trip  supports our work on the history of flight as well as informing our DT work when we come to design our own flying machines.

A brilliant day was had by all and left the children going home with beaming smiles on their faces.

Thank you Class 5 for such a lovely day!

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