Spring term’s “ALL GREEN” pupils had an exciting trip venturing underground on Friday. Twenty six children from Y2 to Y6 travelled to White Scar Caves near Ingleton in North Yorkshire. Arriving in the atmospheric fog we donned our coats and safety helmets before being led through the mouth of the cave by Thomas our guide. We then followed the path going deeper and deeper into the rock. Thomas told us how the cave had been discovered by Christopher Long wearing only shorts and using candles to light his way. We passed formations such as The Witch’s Fingers, The Judge’s Head, Crown of Thorns and Devil’s Tongue, ducked low, (lower for some than others!), and squeezed through the aptly named “Squeeze”. We saw stalactites and stalagmites, ancient fossils, Battlefield Canyon and felt the water coming from above ground and seeping through the rocks.

In total we walked 1 mile into the earth! It was a bit scary at times but an amazing experience. We emerged into bright sunshine and were able to see the beautiful views surrounding the cave. Finishing with lunch and a visit to the shop we headed back to school for a final treat of ice cream. Well done to all the children who achieved All Green.

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