Year 1 arrived to some suspicious footprints at Forest School this week!  The children thought it might have been The Gruffalo – but he was nowhere to be seen!  Once we had reminded ourselves of the forest school rules, we went off on a hunt.  There were ten dinosaurs hiding in the forest and it was our job to find them!  It was a race against time to collect the most dinosaurs and there were a few tumbles in the slippery mud.

We also used trowels to dig in the mud and make mud pies and we used paintbrushes to paint with the mud paint.  Lastly, we had the chance to use a grown up drill to make our very own tree cookies.  We drilled a hole in a small piece of log, then threaded it with twine.  Next, we designed our own pictures on the tree cookies and wore them around our necks – they were amazing!  We also had the chance to go on our favourite mud slide and play ‘Stuck in the Mud.’

It was such a busy day, we had the best time EVER!

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