West Street achieved double success in sporting events yesterday as a selection of children from across key Stage Two represented the school in first a Curling Tournament in the afternoon and then a Dodgeball Festival after school.

Children from Fireworks went with Mrs Bretherton and Mrs Tindall to Fisher More High School and learnt all about Curling. The team of eight children worked really hard together and had lots of fun while learning how to play. Keep your eye out for more chances to try Curling in school.

Mr Filder took a separate team of seven children also to Fisher More High School after school where they competed in a Dodgeball Festival. Not only did the team work brilliantly together and have lots of fun, they won the honesty award, for playing the game in a fair and truthful way.

Overall, it was a great day of sporting success and all children involved did the school very proud. Keep it up West Street and keep an eye on the P.E notice board just outside the KS2 hall to see what events are coming up next or ask Mr Filder.

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