After World Book Day had to be postponed last week, we managed to celebrate our love of reading today. Children came dressed as their favourite characters from books; ranging from The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland) to Little Red Riding Hood and from Dennis the Menace to The Cat in the Hat! Even the staff dressed for the occasion – Mrs Burtoft was Cruella De Vil, Mr Smith was Horace Badun (The dim-witted dog catcher) whilst the other staff all dressed up as the Dalmatian puppies!

The children took part in lots of reading related activities such as cross words, writing book reviews and designing a new dust jacket for their chosen book. At several points throughout the day a bell sounded and both children and staff had to drop everything and read! It was brilliant to look around and see so many children engrossed in a good book and being given a chance to show their passion for reading! Not only this, but the range of books being read was fascinating – fiction, non fiction and poetry were all in the mix!

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