Erin, from year 4 has written her own poem about lockdown… take a look! It’s amazing and I’m really proud of her!

The year started well,
Everything was going fine,
Along came Coronavirus,
Outside supermarkets everybody had to line.
Boris said lockdown,
Only outside once a day,
The sun started to shine,
It was a beautiful May.

Key workers worked miracles,
Supermarkets kept us fed,
Teachers stayed at school,
While we stayed in bed.
Home-schooling became the norm,
Teachers ringing to check on us,
Nobody would travel not even on a bus!

I miss my friends and family,
I cry every day,
I can’t wait to hug them,
Every night I pray.

One day this will be over,
Everyone will be over the moon,
So, until then Take Care, Stay Safe . . .

We will meet again soon

By Erin Jarvis
Helped by Louise Jarvis

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