Year 1 had an absolutely amazing time at forest school on Thursday last week.  It was probably our most exciting week yet!  We finished building and decorating our fairy houses and we built a little fairy village with them, under some shaded trees.  The forest school volunteers are going to plant some flowers for the fairies soon.

To build our houses, we used loppers to cut the wood, then we used a hand drill to make a hole for the stick chimney.  We used paint pens to decorate our windows and doors and then we used a dibber to plant the houses into the ground of the forest.  It was lots of hard worth but definitely worth it.


We also did some tree climbing and some log balancing and some of the children made mud recipes with the mud kitchen kit.  Ali found a ladybird and a little green grub – he was very disappointed to find that it wouldn’t turn into a butterfly!

The sun shone on us all day and it was certainly the warmest forest school so far.  We didn’t even need our coats this time and the forest floor was dry with absolutely no mud.  What a lovely treat; some children said it was the best day at school they’d ever had!!

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