Yesterday Year 3 visited Gazegill Organic Farm in Rimmington. They had a brilliant day getting a tour around the farm where they saw pigs, piglets, sheep, horses, cows, geese, goats, hens and some very excited sheepdogs! They learnt facts about all of them and some children wanted to take some of the animals’ home with them!

As well as getting to meet all the animals year 3 got to learn about how the farm gets its organic gold top milk by visiting the milking shed. They even got to try some homemade ice cream made using the gold top milk.

After lunch the children were very excited to feed some of the animals and were able to feed their scraps from lunch to the pigs, sheep and goats and they fed the horses some yummy carrots until one sneezed on them!

We spent the afternoon in the hay bale field and whilst in the sunshine we were challenged with questions about the different parts of plants and the leader form the Pendle Hill Trust was very impressed with the children’s scientific knowledge. The children were then challenged to identify different types of tree just by their leaves before making their own plant potion!

It was a fantastic day and year 3 set a brilliant example and did the school proud whilst having lots of fun!




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