Our fabulous nurture group, ‘Fireworks’ have been busy learning lots of important ways to keep our teeth shiny and healthy.  We had a visit from dental nurse, Anne, who explained to us lots of danger foods and drinks and the effects they have on our teeth.  Anne told us about the hidden sugars in lots of our favourite snacks; such as crisps, sandwiches and pasties.  We had no idea there were so many foods that contain dangerous sugars!  During Anne’s visit, we found out that we should clean our teeth twice a day and limit sugary snacks to mealtimes.  Anne helped us to understand how to identify safe foods and drinks and luckily we are still allowed chocolate (as long as it is one portion at mealtimes) – phew!

During Anne’s visit, she gave us each a disclosing tablet, which is a small tablet that you chew up and it colours your teeth a funny purple colour.  The parts of our teeth that went the darkest colour were the parts that we need to clean more.  We each got a new toothbrush and toothpaste and we all brushed our teeth together with Ms James and Mrs Bretherton and Julie from the office.  Now, every day before snack, we brush our teeth as a group; using the ‘Brush DJ’ music to time us so that we brush them for the full two minutes.  We have also been cooking healthy snacks on Wednesdays in Fireworks group.  This week we made our own pizzas and banana cake using only a third of the sugar that the recipe suggested.  They were both delicious!



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