In Fireworks group, the children have been further exploring their topic about Egypt, by bringing their knowledge to Art lessons.  The children looked at a model of an Egyptian mummy and a sarcophagus and tried to recreate this in their own way. They also wrapped Ms James in bandages to see how she would look as a mummy!  Using clay, the children sculpted tiny little mummies with arms folded across their chests.  This required a lot of fine motor skills and patience to get it just right and even the adults found it tricky!  When the mummies were looking just about right, some of the children added detail to the body; such as eyes.  Some children even made separate body parts in a jar, to show how the brains and internal organs would have been removed from the people before they were wrapped.  Once the models were ready, they were left for the clay to dry and set.  They will be painted in metallic colours this week to finish them off.  Fireworks will be integrating our topic into all areas of our group, including cookery, skills sessions and music.

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