This week, at Forest School, we were less lucky with the weather. A drizzly day from start to finish made things, muddier, slipper and messier but did it spoil our fun? NOT a chance! We embraced the elements and wrapped up well. We started with one of our favourite games, 1,2,3 Where are you?, a bit like hide and seek with a twist. This really helps the children to focus and build on their listening skills. Next, groups took turns at making their own bird feeders whilst others enjoyed free play. During free play some of us spent time looking at all the different types of Mushrooms we could find in the Forest, and the different places they grow, others just loved a good bug hunt! We were surprised to find Ladybirds hiding away at this time of year. We continued to build on our gross motor and coordination skills with our mountain climbing rope up natures very own big, muddy, slip and slide.

All in all, a soggy, but very enjoyable day. Its fantastic to see the children embracing the great outdoors and building on their experiences week on week.

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