It was another chilly forest school session this week, we were thankful for plenty of layers. On our walk up to forest school we had to be very careful as we walked over the bridge. Katie set us a task of finding 3 different coloured leaves, we then had to put them into categories and count them. We looked at which row had the most and which row had the fewest. Then the children were able to explore the woods, digging for treasure, stick throwing onto the trees below, mud hill climbing and sliding and camp fire making. Katie showed the children her special little tool called a flint which she uses to start fires, then she let the children have a go. This was super exciting especially when the children were able to make a spark.

We had lots of fun decorating our very own binoculars to spot the birds, some children even spotted some dinosaurs! We found a Robin bird which had a red tummy, it followed us down the hill to the bus.

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