A lovely sunny end to the week and a great start to 2020!

Our first STARS of the new year are:

Lacey, Holly, Husna, Eva, Betsey, Kayleigh and Eliza. Certificates were given for settling in well and lovely manners, fantastic work and enthusiasm, good effort in English, giving 100%, superstar counting skills, an improved attitude and being well mannered and kind.

More children stepped onto the first rung of our Ladder of Rewards with 50 Dojo points whilst ALOT more made it to 100!!

Class 8 were the winners of last half term’s class points’ prize and have been rewarded with a “Games Afternoon.”

Classes 6 and 9 won this week’s class points and earned extra playtime.

Best attendance went to Class 3 with 98.7% which earned them an extra 3 class points. Classes 5,6 & 9 were all above 95% and got some extra points.

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