This week we have a birthday girl who had reached the grand age of 9. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lucie. I am sure she will have a lovely day.

Well done also to Charlie who, for the first time, read his first proper book from the start to the finish and has caught the “reading bug”. He has now read his way through 4 books in total. He has also been busy getting his outdoor exercise with Eva on their bikes, looking for fossils and doing his work closely supervised by his cat!

Keegan created a brilliant quiz all about parrots – I managed to get 5 out of 6 correct!

Finally we need your help.  Miss Henderson is busy creating a reading area on KS1 playground for when averyone returns and would like your help. Please can you make, draw or paint some sea creatures to be hung outside. Fish, crabs, sea urchins, sea horses would all be great. We can laminate them in school if they are pictures or if they are 3D please make them weatherproof.


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