Well done to the following children who were awarded Star of the Week: Lily, Lily-Mae, Adam, Luht, Lexi and Paisley Leigh. They were given certificates for being a kind friend, great maths, effort with their own Croc and Bird story, amazing story about identity and diversity, asking for help and being a good role model. The whole of Class 3 received Star of the Week for settling into school so well. It was their first proper assembly today and they did brilliantly.

More children have stepped onto the Ladder of Rewards with 50 Dojo points.

Following Layton’s question of the week – if the earth is moving why don’t we feel it? – two further questions were posed:

Why are there 3 dinosaur periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous? and How do clouds hold water? Answers on a postcard!!!

There were a number of suggested answers to Layton’s question many including gravity. Please see the display in the main hall.

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