Stars of this week are Jake, Maison, Charlie, Katie, Alex, Lucas, Dylan and Alessa plus the whole of Class 8. Certificates for much improved handwriting and presentation, trying hard with her baking, putting in 100%, writing a fabulous story, being a great part of West Street school, being an excellent role model, being helpful and for the whole of Class 8 for representing the school well during their school twinning project, All Together.

Lots and lots of children received Dojo certificates moving up the ladder of rewards whilst Sienna, Alice, Riley and Sahil reached 500 and booked their seat at the restaurant.

Well done to children and staff who became Rock Legends in Times Table Rockstar, including Miss Milner and Mrs Graham. Also to Lewis, Clement, Oscar and Finley for getting the most correct answers.

Thank you to the many children who raised money at our Fitness Thursday, over £900 for school PE, and they received their wrist bands and certificates.

Finally a lovely surprise for Leon and Talha who had a card personally written by the author of Where’s Wally replying to their letters. They also received books and very flashy pens!

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