Children from Musical Theatre Club have begun working extra hard ahead of their upcoming performance at Colne Municipal Hall.  The children will perform in June on the big stage in front of an audience of hundreds.  For the past couple of months, the children have rehearsed a song from ‘The Sound of Music’ and have done so incredibly well that Miss McPherson and Ms James have decided to introduce another part to the performance as well.  To make the children’s performance even more professional, Ms James has organised for the children to have their own made to measure costumes, which will be kindly made by Mrs Elliott in Key Stage 1.  They will also have their music played by a real guitarist, to teach them how to sing with live instruments and to learn how to work in a professional environment.

Every week in Musical Theatre Club the children play a series of games and undertake character building exercises.  They also learn about stage techniques and terminology, and how to present work to an audience.  Every week from now until the performance, the children will rehearse their choreography, script and songs, in order to make it perfect!  Whilst we have a long way to go, I hope you’ll agree that the children’s hard work is paying off and that their video is already showing the high standard they are rehearsing to.


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