It’s been a strange week for everyone but one that has, yet again, made me so proud to be part of West Street. All the staff, that have been able to come in, have done so and taken on any role. Getting food parcels sorted, delivering work packs and food, organising activities for children in school, cooking dinners and cleaning – it’s all been happening.

Staff have also been keeping in touch with children and parents and it has been great to hear what people have been doing; school work, exercising, playing games and learning some great life skills (how to operate the washing machine!). If your class teacher hasn’t contacted you yet they will when they are next in school but feel free to email them with any questions or news.

It has also been heart warming to see parents, families and staff looking out for each other, as well as other members of our community. It is another example of why we all got outstanding for personal development!

Here are a few pictures showing what some of you have been doing to fill your time. Keep them coming and keep smiling!


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