Year 5 spent 2 days with Go Velo learning to ride their bikes safely. Despite the freezing conditions, wind, rain, snow and hail the children enjoyed every minute of it! As part of the sessions the children learnt how to check their bikes are safe to ride (M Check), how to set off safely, navigate a course around the playground and stop carefully. Whilst some children had ridden a bike previously, a couple hadn’t and this was a great time for them to learn to ride a bike and they progressed brilliantly.

Some children even ventured onto the roads in order to gain their level 2 Bike Ability certificates. They worked on being able to set off and stop safely on the road, signal to other road users, navigate junctions and perform a U-turn on the road. The children learnt what different road signs mean and where you might encounter these on the roads. The sessions culminated in the children completing a quiz – similar to a driving theory test!

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