This week Class 9 took part in an activity day in the woods at Blackhill Scout Camp at Cottingley. We played lots of games where we had to work together as a team in order to succeed. We all had an amazing time and wanted to share it with you in our blog…

During the trip there was an activity called ‘Laser Field’. There were lots of thin ropes tied to trees and we had to get to the other side without touching a laser. It was very difficult; some of us made it, but some did not. In the end, I was not able to do it successfully. I think I was at a disadvantage because I am too small to step over some of the ropes. Nevertheless, it was great fun!

The ‘Crate Stack’ was my favourite activity. One person was attached to harness and two other people were stacking up crates while three others were holding a rope which kept the person in the air when the crates collapsed. After a while people couldn’t pass crates to the top of the stack as it was too high so we had to use a chain to lift them up. Logan climbed the highest in our group – twelve crates high! My favourite part was when the crates all fell and you floated down.

One of the games we played was called ‘The Human Crane’. There were ropes which all moved every time we pulled a certain one. As I was the crane driver, I had to tell my team which rope to pull. There was a hook attached to the rope and we had to move the hook to clip onto a bucket of equipment so we could pick it up. Once we had successfully collected all of the equipment, we were able to build a bottle rocket which was filled with water.  When we pumped it, the bottle flew through the air, just like a rocket. It was brilliant!

The final activity was a fun game called ‘Capture the Flag’ where we had to be in stealth mode to sneak around and capture the other team’s flag! Each team had attackers and defenders and we had to hide in bushes so we didn’t get seen.  The best bit was when I was an attacker and I got past the defender who was meant to be stopping me as he ran away from me!

Although it was cold, we didn’t mind because we were having so much fun! We ate our lunch outside and warmed up a bit with some delicious hot chocolate which Mr Burtoft made for us.

What a brilliant day!

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