On Wednesday 17th October, year 3 went on a trip to Blackhills Scout Camp, near Keighley. Linking to our topic work on World War One we talked about the importance of team work for soldiers. We started the trip by getting into formation and marching through the woods as a class. Right quick march…left, right, left!

The children then were split into three teams and each team completed three team building activities focusing on building trust in others, listening skills and giving specific instructions to others.

The children completed a night lines course – each child was blind folded and partnered with someone whose job was to give

effective and clear instructions. They had to follow a rope through the woods, avoiding low hanging branches, stones and slippery roots. The groups quickly realised the importance of listening to each other and working as a team.

These skills were also put to the test when completing a ‘barbed wire’ crawl activity and a trip lines challenge! The children had lots of fun, despite getting a little muddy and after a quick lunch including hot chocolate and chocolate cake they were eager to complete their final challenge! The ultimate test of trusting each other was the children creating stretchers out of rope and carrying each other across the field. They all worked really hard and every child showed brilliant teamwork and listening skills.

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