Internet Safety

The use of ICT including the Internet, e-mail, learning platforms and today’s mobile technologies are a big part of learning in our school. To make this as successful and as beneficial as possible for all learners, we expect all pupils to act safely and responsibly when using technology both in, and outside of, the school environment.

This is particularly relevant when using Social Network Sites such as Facebook and Mobile handheld devices. However, many sites do have age-restriction policies where the minimum acceptable age is 13 years.

Any child who sets up or uses such a site and is below this acceptable age is in clear breach of these age-restriction policies and therefore are actively discouraged in our school, including the use of mobile devices for internet access below this age. We do not allow pupils to bring mobile phones into school.

We encourage parents and carers to visit the suggested e-Safety websites listed below in order to help keep yourself and in particular your children safe when viewing online websites.

The school holds an annual eSafety meeting for parents to support them at home, keeping your children safe.

internet safety
Online e-Safety Resources
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Whether you’re puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about gaming, this website can help.

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UK Safer Internet Centre

Here you will find films, storybooks and other fun sites, with plenty of information to help you enjoy your time online and stay safe on the internet.

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Lots of advice on safe surfing covering lots of devices, games consoles. Home of the SMART rules for safe internet use.

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Great site that informs and instructs all internet uses young and old on becoming a responsible online citizen or Digizen as they like to call it!

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Since 2006, Thinkuknow has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

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CEOP works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing advice for parents, young people and children.

The ICT Acceptable Use Policy forms part of the wider School eSafety Policy and alongside the school’s Behaviour Policy outlines those principles we expect our pupils to uphold for the benefit of both themselves and the wider school community.

Your support in achieving these aims is essential and I would therefore ask that parents and carers please read and discuss the ICT Acceptable Use Agreement with your child, which you will be asked to sign, to allow active use of ICT learning within our school.

Signing the School Acceptable Use Agreement helps us to maintain responsible use of ICT and safeguards the pupils in school.

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