To kick start our new topic about ancient Egypt, Fireworks children have been recreating some ancient mummies during their Wednesday cookery lesson.  The children used hotdog sausages to represent the body of the mummy and short crust pastry to ‘mummify’ them.  It was lots of fun!  The sausages were very slippery and there was a lot of teamwork involved to stop them sliding out of our hands and onto the floor.  As always in Fireworks, the children washed their hands before handling the food and then they were able to roll the pastry into long thin strips like bandages.  The children made faces for the ‘mummies’ using pastry and tried different ways of winding the bandages to make them look as real as possible.


Once the mummies were in the oven, the children washed their hands again to make sure they were clean after handling the food.  Ms James and Mrs Bretherton put the mummies in the oven as our oven is very hot indeed!  The mummies took around 15 minutes to cook and our Fireworks room smelt absolutely delicious!  We munched the mummies for snack and they were so tasty that even the Pharaohs would have loved them!

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