Last half term, Class 6 became a rubbish dump for a month!  In every corner of our class there was mess, waste, recycling and rubbish; all for a very important reason.  Our book this half term was ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.  It followed the story of an old man surrounded by discarded rubbish and how he turned it into something beautiful.  This tied neatly into our topic which was all about waste and where our unwanted items end up.  As part of our learning, we discovered some of the shocking statistics regarding the state of plastic in our oceans.  Around 8 million new pieces of plastic enter our oceans every day, suffocating marine life and posing a threat to the future of our planet.  In class 6, we found this to be very upsetting and wanted to spread awareness of the situation.


To channel our learning into something positive, we decided to create a piece of artwork to help spread our message far and wide.  We studied the artist Rodney McCoubrey, who makes his artwork all from recycled materials.  We looked at various pieces of Rodney’s work and considered which elements we would like to magpie (borrow) and make into something new.  Next, Ms James drew a picture of sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean.  She then drew it much, much bigger; around 2.5 metres long!  Our idea was to turn into recycling artists and we began collecting all our old junk from home and school.  We set up a ‘dump’ in the corner of our classroom, where people could leave things that they would usually put in the bin.  Class 6 promised to turn all the old rubbish into art.  Gradually over the next month, we stuck pieces of plastic bottles, tin foil, sweet wrappers, crisp bags, coffee cups and other rubbish onto our giant mural.  It turned from being a boring piece of old wallpaper into a giant piece of stunning artwork!


In addition to all our group work, Class 6 completed a number of other projects, including keeping a waste diary, making a recycled model, litter picking homework and a rubbish monster display.  We dedicated a whole half term

to learning about waste and our planet and how we should play a part in making things better.  At the end of our project, we took all the leftover rubbish and recycled it carefully.  However, most of the collected rubbish was recycled into beautiful artwork, which can be viewed in school outside the computer room.


We are all responsible for our planet and we hope you can take a positive message from all our hard work!

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