Four weeks ago, Year 4 began learning about Islam and the period of Ramadan, where Muslims commit to fasting in the weeks leading up to Eid.  We discussed what it means to commit to something and how much discipline would be required to be dedicated to something for multiple weeks.  Year 4 were set a challenge by Ms James to spend 4 weeks committing to learning a new skill.  They were given the task of learning the dance style Bhangra and choreographing their own Bhangra dance routine in school, to have it filmed in week 4.


So far, Year 4 have completed their task every week, whilst also learning more about Ramadan and Eid and completing a beautiful wall display based on their research.  This Wednesday is our last dance practice before they are filmed and the children are super excited!  If the task is completed, we will have some yummy treats to look forward to. 

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