Class 5 had a fabulous time in the outdoors when they visited Blackhills Scout Camp today. As it was April Fools’ Day, the class thought that they were travelling by helicopter. However, everyone seemed to enjoy the mini bus journey and they even managed to practise their singing along the way.

Once at Blackhills, we met Vix, our leader for the day and she took us into the woods. After an initial exploration, we settled into our activities. The first one was to find dry bracken and leaves, then build wooden structures to represent the buildings in Pudding Lane, in 1666. We then  laid our dry plant matter on top of our buildings, to denote the thatched roofs. Next, Vix showed us how easy it is for a spark to catch light and then…. The fun began! Vix actually set light to our buildings! It was all very safe and we had water buckets ready, just in case the fires got out of hand (but these buckets weren’t leather, as in 1666-these were made from plastic!)

After our alfresco lunch (picnic), we set to, gathering branches and sticks large enough to create our own shelters. Little did we know, but Vix put those buckets to use again. Once we were happy that our shelters were finished, we squashed inside and Vix threw a bucketful of water over each shelter! She says it was to test whether they were watertight. What do you think?

We ended our adventure with a hunting game, testing just how quietly we could creep through the forest. It was great fun and only Leo managed to get all the way back to base without being heard!

We are really looking forward to our next adventure trip with, in the summer.

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