Today, the children from year 1 – 6 performed in a music concert. Over the course of the year, children have been learning a variety of instruments and songs and today had the chance to perform for the rest of the school.

We began with year 1, who sang a song and played the glockenspiel followed by year 2 who played a more complex piece on the glockenspiel.


As the children enter KS2 they begin playing woodwind instruments. In year 3, they begin with the recorder and start to learn musical notation. We were treated to a rendition of Hot Cross Buns, complete with flossing!


Year 4 move onto playing the flute, a much more complicated instrument. They performed a song called ‘Blackbird’.

In year 5 children sang ‘Dancing in the Streets’ and played the flute. They even threw in some dance moves!

To finish off the class performances, year 6 performed an arrangement of ‘Happy’ and showed their skills after 3 years playing the flute.

A couple of weeks ago, children from West Street also took part in the Pendle Festival. This included, year 1, Musical Theatre Group and our School Choir.

Children performed songs ranging from the Sound of Music to The Greatest Showman. They have done amazingly well and we are really proud of them!

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