How do you make a Mummy? Well Class 7 have been investigating this week as they continue to learn about the Ancient Egyptians.

Mr Filder challenged the children to ‘mummify’ five willing volunteers and turn them into a Mummy using only two toilet rolls. The children had lots of fun and we even had the Mummies break out and escape!

Once all the toilet roll was cleaned up, we looked at how the Ancient Egyptians actually mummified people as we know they didn’t use toilet roll! We learnt how the body was taken to a room called the beautiful room, where it was washed and cleaned with water from the River Nile. Then the brain was pulled out through the nostrils and all of the internal organs apart from the heart were removed and put in special jars called Canopic jars! Eughh! The body was then put in a special salt called Natron and left to dry for 40 days! Finally the body was wrapped in hundreds of meters of linen and glued together with a special paste called Mummia and that’s why we call them Mummies!

After going through the process together and even wrapping up another willing volunteer the children wrote their own detailed instructions of how to Mummify someone like the Ancient Egyptians.

Once their instructions were complete the children all wanted to have a go at Mummifying something but as Mr Filder couldn’t get a body they used tomatoes! In pairs the children made a small cut on the side of the tomato before scooping out all of the internal organs (tomato seeds) and washing out the inside. They then carefully dried it and filled it with natron salt and have left it to mummify. We will see what they look like in a week or two.




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