Musical Theatre group have been in discussion this week about their upcoming projects.  The children from our recent ‘Sound of Music’ show will perform one last time this coming Friday at the school music concert, then we will move forward with exciting plans for after the summer holidays.  Following a group discussion, the children decided it was important to have a proper theatre company name.  From September, Musical Theatre group will be known as ‘Outcry Junior Musical Theatre Company.’  We are hoping to get some clothes made with our new name on them.

We have also started work on a new piece of physical theatre about ‘starting a kindness epidemic’ and will be focusing on performing a story about the treatment of homeless people and also how war veterans can also be homeless and how this impacts on their emotional wellbeing.  We are hoping to perform our very own work for remembrance day later in the school year.

We have also decided that we will try to do an excerpt from ‘Oliver Twist’ for Christmas 2018 and are very excited about starting work on this after the summer holidays.  Musical Theatre group is getting even bigger with lots of new members starting and we will be opening the club up to more children in September.

Happy summer everyone from Outcry Junior Musical Theatre Company!!

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