Outcry Junior Musical Theatre Company, as we recently renamed our after school club, have been busy researching and rehearsing our brand new piece of work ahead of Remembrance Day.  We have together created a piece of Contemporary Physical theatre about homeless war veterans and how the lives of ex serviceman can be affected by lack of support and other factors after leaving the armed forces.  The children have researched some facts about homeless veterans to use for our performance and they found that…


-Homeless veterans are more likely to be older

-Post Traumatic Stress has been a big contributing factor in why some people end up living in the streets

-Approximately one quarter of homeless people are ex servicemen

-There are an estimated 3000 to 4000 homeless veterans sleeping in London each night

-The homeless veteran population has been reported as 100% male

-The majority of homeless veterans served in the Army rather than navy or Air force


The children have found their research and creative processes quite emotional at times and were shocked to discover how many people are living with no homes.  The message of our performance is that we would like to start a kindness epidemic and that if one person shows kindness, it spreads far and wide.  We would like to raise awareness of the serious problem of homelessness as this is a cause we care greatly for.  Ms McPherson and Ms James do a lot of collecting and delivering items in the homeless community and are very proud of how the children have risen to such a huge challenge for this show.  The part of the homeless veteran is played by Georgia, who has been working very hard on her characterisation.

We hope to see lots of you watch the children’s performance, which will be part of our Centenary Remembrance Day in November.  The children have also got some exciting new opportunities ahead with their theatre group and are currently asking for donations of costumes, wigs and props if any families have anything interesting we might be able to use.

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