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Our curriculum is designed to engage all children and we plan themes that appeal, have purpose and ensure progression. The content of the curriculum follows the national curriculum but also encompasses the wider aspects of learning. We have a strong focus on social and emotional  and personal development; aspects which underpin the ability to learn.

Themes have a curricular focus eg geography but all have a specific literacy aspect. Areas that do not fit naturally into a theme are taught discretely.

Each theme is started with a WOW launch which aims to excite the children and motivate them. Some examples of themes and launches are:

Time Travellers (History) Dr Who visited school and set a task
Around the World (Geography) Pupils boarded a large scale aeroplane to travel
Dragons Den (Maths/DT) A Visit from A Dragon and a challenge set
May the Force Be With You (Science) Darth Vader sets tasks
Through the Wardrobe (Literacy) Characters emerge from a wardrobe to introduce a book
Where we live (Geography) An alien ship lands in the hall with an accompanying alien

Our themes are used to cover the other aspects of the curriculum, where possible making it cross curricular without diluting skills and knowledge development.

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