West street choir celebrated their recent success by substituting after school singing for after school partying yesterday.  First, the children watched the video footage of their recent performance at Colne Municipal Hall on the big screen and critiqued themselves.  They observed the strong points and weaker points of the performance and got to see what it looked like for the audience.  Then, Mrs Lamb and Ms James put on some party music and shared around lots of yummy chocolate, sweets, crisps and cakes to enjoy.  Everyone danced and played party games together and Declan showed us his Irish dancing skills.

Choir children have worked extremely hard over the last few months in preparation for Pendle Schools’ Festival and they truly earned their treat.  A fantastic time was had by all and it will be back to the hard work next week.  If any of our children in KS2 are not involved in choir but would like to join, please do speak to Mrs Lamb or Ms James in Class 6.

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