Year 4 have been learning about our planet for the past few weeks.  We have been looking in particular at the risks currently facing our oceans and the global impact it could have on our future.  We have been researching recycling, conservation, global warming, the ozone layer, factory farming, over-fishing, pollution (particularly plastic), animals in captivity and the effects of all these things on our bodies and minds.  Year 4 have pledged to consider reducing our carbon footprint even more than usual, by making a conscious effort to change the way we dispose of rubbish and certain choices in our lives that might impact the planet.  The children can earn dojo points by making ‘eco choices’ and reporting back to Ms James.  So far this week, the children have recycled more and someone has even brought lunch in a recycled paper bag, rather than a plastic one.


To portray our message to others in a poignant way, year 4 have represented their message through the medium of art.  We created blended oil and paint pictures, using silhouette collage to show the effect of looking up from the bottom of the ocean floor.  Finally, we asked our chef, Marie, to save us some non-recyclable plastic netting and we used that to represent the impact of plastic pollution in our seas.  The result was a very striking wall display with facts and imagery to transmit our important message.  Year 4 have worked exceptionally hard at this project and hope it has an effect on everyone who sees it!

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