In year 3 we started our new History topic of Ancient Greece this afternoon but how could Year 3 grasp the vastness of ‘early civilisations’ using timelines. There was only one possible answer – loo roll!

We spent the afternoon unraveling time (loo roll!) Every sheet of loo roll was worth 100 years (a century) with each sheet being divided into 10 parts each being worth 10 years (a decade). As we unfurled the loo roll we went back thousands of years with every 10 sheets of loo roll being 1000 years (a millennium.)

We learnt about what BC and AD mean and we were able to place events from history such as the Pyramids being built, World War 1, the school being founded and Mr Filder being born on our timeline!

We then looked at periods of history and after a bit of maths we calculated how long periods of history were and then got that amount in loo roll. So the Tudors lasted less than 100 years so we needed one piece of toilet roll, Ancient Greece lasted 600 years, so 6 sheets; while the Stone Age lasted 12,000 years so we had 120 sheets!

We had lots of fun investigating chronology and timelines and we are now ready to focus on learning all about Ancient Greece!

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